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Graduation Spotlight: Megan Hecklinger, Visualization

Megan London Hecklinger found her calling in photography at Texas A&M. As a member of Student Bonfire, she frequently used her phone as a camera.

The Houston native eventually upgraded to a DSLR camera, and learned the fundamentals of shooting. Her friends suggested she pursue a Visualization degree, and the combination of art and photography was “perfect for me,” she said.

Hecklinger is set to graduate Friday with a Bachelor of Science degree in Visualization. She will also be honored as a distinguished student in the School of Performance, Visualization and Fine Arts’ Graduation Recognition Ceremony earlier in the day. 

“I feel extremely honored to receive this award,” she said. “I’ve always loved meeting and helping people out in the School of Performance, Visualization and Fine Arts. I plan to visit them on occasion as they progress through the program.”

Hecklinger served as a photographer for several student organizations. She also worked on 3D modeling and motion graphics, including on “Kitty Bravo in Free Fall Failure.” The animated short about a skydiving cat was featured in Viz-a-GoGo 31 and at the Viz Fall Show.

The Student Bonfire experience led to Hecklinger’s senior capstone project titled “Neeley Student Bonfire Crew Brand Refresh.” It included enhancing the branding and outreach for her crew — Neeley Knockout — and researching the history of the Aggie Bonfire and Student Bonfire.

Hecklinger credits mentors including Jill Honeycutt, instructional associate professor and associate program director for the Visualization undergraduate degree, and Glen Vigus, who served as director of operations for the school. Vigus also worked with the HIVE, a student group that manages Visualization program events.

“Jill and Glen were two of the best professors I’ve had the opportunity to work with,” Hecklinger said. “Jill was my Graphic Design I professor and always pushed me to do my best. While Glen was never my professor, working with him in the HIVE was a pleasure.”

For the last two years, Hecklinger has been working as a graphic design intern for HP Development Company in Spring. She has secured a full-time role with the company and hopes to also take on event and lifestyle photography.

“I’m ready to start working and being more independent,” she said. “I love the people I’ve met in Viz and Bonfire, but I’m also ready to start a new chapter of my life. I’m also looking forward to applying the skills I’ve learned in Viz — photography, 3D modeling, editing, motion graphics and more — to the workplace.”

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