Student Work

Visualization Student Work

  • Virtual reality game rendering shows how disembodied hands interact with game pieces
    A practice in game design, “Airmail,” was created by undergraduate students Vy Lam, Donavon Bailey, Cheryl Cruz, Kirby Key, and Logan Liebold.
  • A projection of a building is reflected on a girl and a white sheet on the floor surrounded by piles of cotton
    Graduate student Annie Sungkajun brings art to life through her interactive design, “Through Miles Apart.”
  • A smartphone app uses augmented reality to preview furniture to furnish a room
    The M.S. in Visualization degree can prepare students to enhance the world through computer-generated input, as seen in Eun Sun Chu’s augmented reality project.
  • Rendering of someone's limp legs lying on asphalt in front of car that approaches in the night
    “Beepo” is an animation project created by undergraduate students Blake Hennigan, Siri Martir, Vanessa Sigrist, Jake Johnson, Elijah Silvetre, Sameer Syed, Jordin Gonzalez, Connor Bugni, Travis Hausman, Jackson Spencer, and Izzy Rollo.
  • Colorful CGI rendering of shops and restaurants located on a Beijing street
    A Beijing street scene served as the inspiration for Amanda Blettner’s 3D rendering project, “Wudaoying Hutong Set.”
  • Mockup of a bakery menu featuring clear levels of hierarchy and simple illustrations in a limited color pallette
    Delaney Hardt’s digital mock-up of a bakery menu, “Boom Bakery Bar,” is a real treat.
  • Mockup of app
    Meet “Buddie,” the mockup smartphone app that was designed by M.S. in Visualization student Soo Wan Chun.
  • CGI rendering of a traffic cone themed hotel lobby inspired by the Pixar movie Cars
    Victoria Abruzzese, Hannah Klein, Sarah Razook, Benjamin Bailey, and Ayomiposi Babatope conjured imagery from the Pixar movie “Cars,” while crafting their 3D rendering project.
  • CGI rendering of boy without pupils standing in darkened underground tunnel
    A large team of undergraduate students created the eerie animation piece, “Surface Deep.”
  • 3D printed sculpture of a jackalope coming out of the mouth of a dog, which is coming out of a hippo, which is coming out of a creature with antlers and humanoid hands.
    Emily Bujnoch’s 3D rendering “Hypothetical Food Chain,” was created within the Master of Fine Arts visualization program.
  • Rendering of app that displays informations about different historic areas, including Gyeongbokgong, Seoul, South Korea
    Esther Cho and Kevin Booth’s augmented reality project displays informations about different historic areas, including Gyeongbokgong, Seoul, South Korea.
  • An orange hue barely illuminates the western part of a distant mountain range
    Ryan Applebee’s personal creation, “Fires and Ash.”
  • Painted portrait of a white man with a goatee
    “Mr. Harris,” an exercise in painting, is the product of undergraduate student Dominic Nguyen.
  • Woman peers through window displaying German headlines
    Eman Al-Zubeidi and Julia DeLaney created “Hope Life Performance,” in their projection mapping course.
  • Illustration of an astronaut
    An illustration of an astronaut demonstrates the different forms of artistry the visualization program offers.
  • Rendering of educational module on nerve cutting
    Karla Chang Gonzalez and Amber Ackley created “Canine InNervate VR,” in their virtual reality class.
  • People view artwork on display at the Intersect Exhibition
    The “Intersect,” art installation by Eman Al-Zubeidi is part of his Master of Fine Arts program.
  • CGI rendering of a tiny dragon breathing fire as it sits in a pile of coins
    Chase Ledbetter, Victoria Ramert, Kevin Booth, and Krystal Gonzalez’s project, appropriately titled “Killerpillars Baby Dragon,” was part of the 2021 Gigajam.
  • Painting of polluted beach includes with an inset poloroid of a young girl exploring the beach before it became littered
    “Legacy,” is a piece of personal work created by Tessa De La Fuente.
  • Rendering of a small cottage in a forest under a dark night sky filled with hundreds of stars
    “Market Town,” is among the personal work of artist Noemi Coute.
  • Portrait of a young girl wearing a flower crown, a dress and make-up in style for Dia de los Muertos
    Robert Harwerth explores the observation of Dia de los Muertos in his personal work.
  • CGI rendering of an elderly Black woman playing culturally traditional instruments
    “Music Ma’am,” is the work of Kamryn Massey, Julie Choi, Valori Prazak, and Kaitlin Oesterreicher.
  • Graphite portrait of Rey from The Force Awakens
    This drawing of Rey from “The Force Awakens,” was created by Hayden Harsh in ARTS 115.
  • Two sculpted faces attached to motherboards are on display in glass jars
    Anatol Bologan’s work, “Post Human,” is part of his interactive installation.
  • Front and back view of an anthropomorphic bull wearing a green jacket, red tie and blue trousers
    Kyle Rively brought a bull mob boss concept to life.
  • Illustrated image of a person playing a video game in a darkened room
    “Nobody’s Room,” was created by Vanessa Sigrist for ARTS 315.
  • Virtual reality rendering of pregnancy allows for the VR user to practice of labor and delivery techniques
    Pregnancy is explored through Soo Wan Chun’s virtual reality project.
  • A thin strip of color is colorized by the sides of houses, book spines, fabric and painted walls
    “Warming Stripes,” by Eman Al-Zubeidi, is part of the graduate program color photography courses.
  • Rendering of a geometrically shaped person kneeling at a gravesite with a glowing horse waiting behind him
    Sarah Jecker, Julie Choi, Erin Jarrett, Kaylin Tam, John Bearrie, Kaitlin Oesterreicher, and Kamryn Massey animated “Sundown.”
  • A lamp illuminates a freshly carved mushroom-inspired trinket in a dim workshop
    Valori Prazak, Victoria Ramert, Kevin Booth, Krystal Gonzalez, Chase Ledbetter, and Jonatha Guajardo animated “Trinket.”