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A closeup of sheet music, with a student playing saxophone in front of it.
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Minor in Music

The minor in music gives students the opportunity to pursue musical interests while developing skills and exploring the history and context of music. Students will develop a fundamental understanding of music through introductory music theory, musicianship and music history. Through individual instruction or group performance, students will have opportunities to perform, to develop skills on their preferred instrument(s), and/or to learn new instruments and styles. Students can choose from a variety of electives, tailoring their course of instruction to their own needs and interests. This flexible minor allows students to complement their major field of study and prepares them for post-graduation pathways that integrate music into their personal and professional life.


Required Courses, 12 Credit Hours

MUSC 204Music Theory I2
MUSC 208Musicianship I1
Performance 13
Group performance 23

Select one of the following:

MUSC 311Music History I3
MUSC 312Music History II3
MUSC 315Music History III3

Elective Courses, 6 Credit Hours

Select from MUSC 100-499, PERF 32836

1 Select from: MUSC 245MUSC 253MUSC 254MUSC 255MUSC 256MUSC 270MUSC 271MUSC 272MUSC 273MUSC 353MUSC 354MUSC 355MUSC 356MUSC 370MUSC 371MUSC 372MUSC 373MUSC 375MUSC 381

2 Select from: MUSC 330MUSC 335MUSC 381

3 Elective coursework must not be applied elsewhere in the minor. 

Minimum of 6 hours at 300-400 level.

Students must make a grade of C or better in all courses.

Minimum 2.7 GPA.


To declare a minor in music, please email Johnna Lee at