Meet an Advisor

Academic advisors counsel undergraduates and prospective students on offered programs, course selections and academic progress.

For general questions about advising, please email

For the Director of Advising, please email Jill Raupe at

For Visualization advising, please email Ashley Schmitt at

For Performance and Visual Studies, Film and Media Studies and Dance Science, please email Kelley Hartnett at

For minors, please email Johnna Lee at

Meet a recruiter

For general recruiting questions, please email Grae Robinson at

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How can my advisor help me?

Your advisor’s primary goal is to ensure you earn your bachelor’s degree on time. With an extensive knowledge of the college’s major and minor requirements, advisors gauge your academic progress and help you pave a direct path to graduation. They also provide information on the courses, certificates and programs you are eligible to pursue. 

When should I meet with an advisor?

You’ll first meet with an advisor during your New Student Conference. Once enrolled in our programs, you’re always welcome to meet with an advisor to review your degree progress. Beyond general advising, they can help you with specific inquiries, including: 

  • Change of major/minor requests
  • Declaring a minor
  • Declaring a certificate
  • Add/Q-drop deadlines
  • Degree planning

How do I schedule an appointment?

1. Schedule through Navigate

Advising appointments are virtually scheduled in the Navigate student success portal. Log in to the app or website using your University NetID and password. Appointments must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. It’s recommended that you schedule the meeting a few weeks prior to ensure your advisor’s availability.

2. Prepare for your meeting

Although advisors have access to your academic history and files, you are still responsible for coming to your meeting ready to discuss your degree plan. Prepare questions for your advisor and, if necessary, fill out student forms and review your degree evaluation in the Howdy portal. If you’ve never used these resources, your advising meeting is the perfect time to start. As always, our advisors are happy to serve and accommodate you. Here are some important forms that may be used before or during your appointment: 

3. Meet with your advisor

Your academic advising meeting may take place virtually or in person.

4. Spring 2023 Force Request Waitlist

Spring 2023 Force Request Waitlist