LIVE Lab Opportunities

Current open positions

The Design team brainstorms the game’s high concept, mechanics and background, incorporating learning objectives and prototyping concepts to test their validity. The Engineering team brings all of the lab’s work to life, programming and integrating both the mechanics and art assets into the game engine. While Concept creates how the game should look, the 3D team specializes in procedural generation, using technical modeling software’s like SideFX’s Houdini that enable them to efficiently execute the game’s visual target on a more massive scale. The lab’s Concept team develops the look and feel, creating a style that effectively conveys the topics while engaging the player. Finally, the Management team oversees and tracks the progress of all lab teams and operations, road mapping projects, realigning task dependency pipelines, and communicating with stakeholders to ensure the quality and integrity of the project. 
– 3D Art
– Technical Artist