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  • Two dancers leap synchronously across the stage

Minor In Dance Performance

The dance performance minor allows students to expand their technical training through additional technique classes, conditioning and music for dancers. The skills honed through this minor are valuable for students who become professional dancers or dance educators.

Admission to the dance performance minor requires an audition. Refer to the dance program page for information on auditions.


DCED 217Musicality and Movement for Performers 13
DCED 230Conditioning for Dancers 12
DCED 265Dance Performance Practicum 1, 22
PVFA 310Performance in Virtual and Augmented Realities3

Select 8 hours from the following: 3, 4

Ballet 5

Hip Hop 6

Improvisation 7

Jazz Dance 8

Modern Dance 9

Total Semester Credit Hours: 18

Must make a grade of C or better.

Student must take this course twice to fulfill requirements for the program.

The eight hours of technique can be any combination of the listed courses but upper-level courses require placement through audition or instructor approval. Three hours at 300/400 level must come from two dance technique courses.

Must make a grade of B or better.

DCED 250DCED 260DCED 261DCED 351DCED 361DCED 362DCED 462DCED 463.

DCED 297DCED 398.

DCED 240DCED 242.

DCED 286DCED 387DCED 488.

DCED 271DCED 272DCED 372DCED 373DCED 473DCED 474.

Minimum of 2.5 GPA in minor coursework.