Institute for Applied Creativity

A girl in an immersive virtual environment

Innovation through cross-disciplinary creativity

The Institute for Applied Creativity is a forum for collaboration among domains and disciplines intent on creating a radiant future. We champion combinations of experimental, rational, intuitive and analytical methods to realize tangible accomplishments. We address critical problems shared by communities throughout the world, beginning locally and translating solutions for global contexts.

About the Institute for Applied Creativity

Focal Areas

A graphic for interactive and immersive education, which shows a person wearing a virtual reality mask, with other shapes around the person's head.A graphic for arts in health and wellness, which includes three flowers, a heart and a heartbeat reading.A graphic for AI, arts and creativity, which shows a light bulb along with brain and space elements.A graphic showing a computer, with a paintbrush visible on the screen.
Interactive and Immersive EducationArts in Health and WellnessAI, Arts and CreativityArt and Technology

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  • Harnessing Creativity and Expertise

    Today’s societal challenges are so complex that multiple areas of expertise are needed to design effective solutions. We combine the inherent creativity of individuals with the expertise from disciplinary practice and research to address these challenges.
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