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Minor in Game Design and Development

The minor in game design and development offers students the opportunity to develop knowledge and skill associated with the aesthetic and technical aspects of interactive media. In collaboration with other students, you will learn core competencies as well as engage in creative problem solving. The 16-credit-hour minor provides a foundation in the principles of game design and software development. The curriculum includes art, design, programming, media literacy, and video game production.


Select one course from the following list:

CSCE 110 or CSCE 111Programming I or Introduction to Computer Science Concepts and Programming4
CSCE 120Program Design and Concepts4
CSCE 441 or VIST 386Computer Graphics or Game Design I3
CSCE 443/VIST 487Game Development3

Select two courses from the following list:

ARTS 345History of Gaming3
COMM 230/JOUR 230Communication Technology Skills3
COMM 453Communication and Video Games3
CSCE 436Computer-Human Interaction3
PERF 316Music and Technology3
VIST 357Interaction Design3
VIST 370Interactive Virtual Environments3
VIST 374Multimedia Design and Development3
VIST 477/CSCE 446Virtual Reality3
VIST 480Game Level Design3


Students wishing to declare a minor in game design and development should consult with advisors in their home college and in the Visualization program. Applicants must have a 3.0 or better overall GPR and have completed less than 70 hours to be considered for the program.

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