A close-up view of two saxophones being played.

Support Music Students By Sponsoring An Instrument

The School of Performance, Visualization and Fine Arts allows students to combine their music interests with other art forms and academic disciplines. The program facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration across the arts, and its location at an institution renowned for its STEM excellence allows students to branch beyond traditional music studies to develop the technological skills needed for 21st century musicians.

Students can take courses focused on modern performance skills, historical perspectives, cultural awareness, music performance and technology concepts and creative ways of thinking about performance. They learn about the role of music in world cultures and develop skills as performers by exploring multiple genres and types of repertoire.

Renowned instructors provide opportunities to practice and perform diverse styles of music in individual and collaborative contexts both in and out of the classroom, and through a dedicated music technology minor, students can also gain experience with audio editing and using technology to make music in new and innovative ways.

The program prepares Aggies to become professional musicians or to explore a variety of careers involving music composition, education, performance, production, technology and therapy. Students can also pursue careers in sound engineering, sound design, artist management and publicity, arts administration and arts journalism.

You can play a part in helping students expand their musical abilities and prepare for careers in the industry. Sponsoring an instrument will provide top-quality equipment for Aggies to hone their skills, while creating a scholarship can help high-achieving students pursue their musical goals in Aggieland. You can also help the school attract and retain top faculty members through a faculty fellowship, professorship, chair or artist in residency.

For more information, contact Heather Sauber at hsauber@txamfoundation.com or Catherine Hinojosa at chinojosa@txamfoundation.com.


BrandModelLengthQuantityDonation Request
Yamaha Grand PianosC3X6’1″29$58,500
C6X7’0″$68,500 or $68,200
Upright PianosU148″90$11,000

Woodwind Instruments

TypeModelQuantityDonation Request
PiccoloYamaha YPC-622$2,700
FluteYamaha YFL-577H4$3,300
Alto FluteYamaha YFL-A4212$7,600
Bass FluteYamaha YFL-677HCT2$4,250
Contra Bass FluteJupiter Contrabass Flute2$16,750
OboeFox Renard Model 3354$5,300
English HornFox Model 5001$9,550
E-Flat Soprano ClarinetBuffet Crampoon2$3,200
B-Flat Soprano ClarinetBuffer R134$4,250
E-Flat Alto ClarinetLeblanc L71652$2,800
B-Flat Bass ClarinetYamaha YCL-221ii2$3,200
E-Flat Contra Bass ClarinetLeblanc L7181 EE-Flat1$6,400
B-Flat Contra Bass ClarinetLeblanc L7182 BB-Flat1$6,900
B–Flat Soprano SaxophoneYanagisawa SN 001415091$2,800
Alto SaxophoneYanagisawa AWO12$4,250
Tenor SaxophoneYanagisawa TWO12$5,300
Baritone SaxophoneYanagisawa BW022$8,500
BassoonFox Renard Model 2202$11,050
Contra BassoonFox Contra Bassoon Model 9901$39,500

Bass Instruments

TypeModelQuantityDonation Request
B-Flat/A Piccolo TrumpetBach AP190 Stradivarius$5,300
E-Flat TrumpetBach ADE190 Stradivarius1$5,300
C TrumpetBach C190 Stradivarius2$4,770
B-Flat TrumpetBach 180S37 Stradivarius3$3,710
F French HornC.G. Conn Model 8D CONNstellation4$5,300
Small Bore TromboneBach LT16M Stradivarius2$2,700
Medium Bore TromboneS.E. Shires Q33 Q-Series2$2,500
Large Bore Tenor TromboneS.E. Shires Q30YR Q-Series6$3,710
Bass TromboneS.E. Shires TBQ36YA Q-Series3$5,300
Contrabass TromboneThein Universal 007 with Hagman Valves1$15,900
EuphoniumYamaha XO 1270S4$7,750
BaritoneYamaha YBH-301S1$3,500
F TubaMiraphone 481C070012$13,000
C TubaMiraphone 186 4/4 Rotary Valve CC2$11,700
B Flat TubaMiraphone 186 4/4 Rotary Valve BB-Flat3$11,700

Percussion Instruments

TypeModelQuantityDonation Request
TimpaniBergerault Grand Professional (20, 23, 26, 29, and 32)3$23,500
5 Octave MarimbaMusser 5.0 Rosewood Marimba (M500)2$19,300
4 Octave MarimbaMusser Classic Grand Kelon 4.3 Octave Marimba2$7,650
XylophoneAdams 3.5 Octave Rosewood2$3,000
ChimesAdams 1.5 Octave Chimes2$9,750
Orchestra BellsBergerault Signature Glockenspiel – 2.5 Octave2$2,230
VibraphoneAdams VCGF30M 3.0 Octave Vibraphone1$6,700
High CrotalesZildjian High-Octave Crotales1$2,800
Drum SetPearl Session Studio Select 5-Piece Shell Pack5$2,500
Crash CymbalsZildjian ACP120 A Custom4$1,380
Concert Snare DrumPearl Philharmonic Maple/Birch 6.5 inch x 14 inch4$1,380
Tenor DrumPearl Philharmonic 12 inch x 14 inch3$1,275
Percussion Storage CabinetWenger Basic2$2,440
Bass DrumPearl Concert Bass Drum Philharmonic Series2$2,230
Tam-tamMeinl Sonic CH-TT40 40 inch1$2,120
Tom-tomTama High Pitched Concert Tom Set with Stand (6, 8, 10, 12 in)1$1,175

String Instruments

TypeModelQuantityDonation Request
ViolinEastman Master VL9066$3,600
ViolaEastman VA701 Rudoulf Doetsch 16-inch Viola3$2,780
CelloEastman VC702 Wilhelm Klier 4/4 Size4$6,000
Double BassEastman VB305 Andreas Eastman 3/4 Size3$6,050
Acoustic GuitarMartin D-28 Dreadnought Street3$3,000
Electric GuitarFender American Ultra Stratocaster2$2,335
Electric Bass GuitarFender American Ultra Precision Electric Bass2$2,335

Ensemble Instruments and Equipment

TypeModelQuantityDonation Request
Electric PianoCasio Privia Pro PX-560 (88 Key Digital Piano with Speaker)2$1,380
Piano Guitar AmpFender ’65 Twin Reverb 2×12 inch 85 Watt Tube Combo Amp4$2,120
Bass AmpFender Rumble Stage 800 Bass Combo Amp (800 watts, 2×10″)3$1,060
Portable PA SystemFender Passport Venue Series 22$1,380
Play Back MonitorElectro-Voice PXM-12MP Powered Stage Monitor2$1,060
Percussion Accessories (cymbal straps, cymbal stands, bass drum stands, cradles, snare/tenor drum stands, drumset thrones, drum beaters, triangles, tambourines, wind chimes, siren vibraslap, etc.)No Specific Vendors$10,600