Leonardo Cardoso

Associate Professor & Section Chair of Visual, Material, and Performance Cultures
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  • Performance Studies

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Cardoso’s work focuses on sound as a way to understand how governments operate. His first book, “Sound-Politics in São Paulo” (Oxford University Press, 2019), considers how noise has become a persistent problem in urban centers. The book shows that noise is not just a matter of acoustical engineering and public health but permeates a broad range of issues. In São Paulo, noise emerges in controversies about crime control, religious freedom, spatial segregation, youth leisure, civic engagement, and state accountability. Noise has encroached on São Paulo’s powerful construction, transportation, and entertainment industries.

Cardoso’s current book project examines modern statecraft in Brazil through acoustic technologies such as wiretaps, sirens, and geolocation systems.



Sound Studies/Ethnomusicology
The University of Texas at Austin


The University of Texas at Austin


Music Composition
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)

Scholarly Interests

Science and Technology Studies, Sound Studies, Actor-Network Theory, noise, sound art, sonification, politics, law, ethnography, Latin America, urban studies