Two dancers perform in front of four people playing electronic instruments.

Students Take Part In Zoë Nowak Performances At Black Box Theater

Students from the School of Performance, Visualization and Fine Arts participated in two Zoë Nowak performances Saturday night at the Black Box Theater in the Liberal Arts and Humanities Building.

Nowak’s weeklong appearance at the school, titled “Bridging Sound, Movement and Visuals as a Transgender Artist,” was made possible by an interdisciplinary grant.

Zoe Nowak
Zoë Nowak

The electronic musician from Tempe, Arizona, visited with students in Electronic Composition (PERF 318), Time Based Media I (VIZA 643), Dance Production (DCED 203), Queer Theory (WGST 445), History of Electronic Music (PERF 228), Performances in World Cultures (PERF 301) and History of Rock (PERF 226), along with the Transcend student group.

Saturday night, after an introduction by Dr. Will Connor, who teaches Electronic Composition, Nowak played the Akai Pro Force and was joined by a series of students on electronic equipment: Nikole Arredondo (haunted box); Stephen Cepeda (analogue synth); Nat Cortez (haunted box); Matthew Gibson (analogue synth); Cody Hamilton (analogue synth); Anjali Kumar (theremin); Breanna Loredo-Rayas (haunted box); Leo Martinez (Kaossilator); Cristof Navarro (theremin); Sam Payne (theremin); Jake Roberts (analogue synth); Hans Sapo (Kaossilator) and Andrew Zehrer (analogue synth).

Dancers Devante Love, Abigail McKinney, Francelli Orta and Josie Watts performed in front of the musicians, alongside Ben Howard, instructional associate professor. Emmalie Hall created visuals projected on a screen above the performers.

Rayna Dexter, instructional associate professor, created the dancers’ flowing white costumes.

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