For incoming transfer and change of major students

An ideal portfolio should be a website link that does not require a password. The portfolio link and password (if needed) should be included in the essay portion of the application.

The portfolio should be a good representation of how you see the world. This can include photography, coding, graphic arts and traditional art, as well as any robotic, interactive art or other work that you feel helps to display your ability to see the world as an artist.

An ideal portfolio includes 10 or more pieces of your best work, that are within the last three years. Descriptions on each are preferred: title, medium, year. We request that you have at least one traditional artwork in the portfolio. If you don’t already have one, please use the guide below to see an ideal submission for that exercise.

Still life exercise requirements:

Create a still life image (drawing, charcoal, painting — but no digital). You must set up the still life yourself, meaning set up a set of objects with a neutral background and one light source. Take a photo of your still life at the angle you will draw or paint it. You will submit the photo with your artistic re-creation. Your still life should contain the following elements:

  1. A minimum of three objects with varying materials (glass, fabric, ceramic, etc).
  2. Use only one light source.
  3. Include in the final submission a photograph of the set up that you are representing.
  4. Include in the final submission a minimum of three progress shots, including blocked in composition and blocked in lighting.

This art piece should display your ability to capture light, form and perspective.

All images should be in a single PDF document with comments beginning with the finished piece, followed by the photograph reference and process images. There should be a minimum of five images total for this submission.