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Program Information

But Where There’s Hope, There’s Life

A Collaborative Project by the Texas A&M Dance, Performance Studies, and Visualization programs and the Department of History


Choreographers: Carisa Armstrong and Christine S. Bergeron

Costumes: Carisa Amstrong and Sandy Bergeron

Dancers:  Live dancers will be posted at each performance. The dancers listed below are the casts from the filming completed in August 2020.

Music: Composed, performed, and recorded by Richard D. Hall. Featuring Julia Hall (voice), Ashley DuBois (voice), Makenzie Wade (viola), and Elizabeth L. Massad (cello). Mixed and mastered by Wesley S. Uchiyama-Penix.

Butterfly Credit Video: Krissie Day (editor)


Director of Visualization Team: Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo

Visualization Design, The Rise and Liberation Projection:  Eman Al-Zubeidi and Julia DeLaney

Visualization Team: Amanda Blettner, Connor Bugni, Esther Cho, Morgan Jenks, Caleb Kicklighter, Carlos Perez, and Araceli Reyes


Dramaturgy: James R. Ball, III

Historical Scenes Director: Anne Quackenbush

Audio Engineer: John Moeller

Historical Text: Adam Siepp


Shayna Ambers – Narrator

Ty Dobson – SA Man, A Man, Rudolph Vrba, Morris Baker

Caylie Evans – Louisa Solmitz

Grace Harmon – Guide

Chandler Keller – Victor Klemperer, Alfred Wetzler, Edward R. Murrow

Megan Timmer – A Child, A Woman, Whisperer


Video Director/Editor: Vishwanand Shetti

Director of Photography: Igor Kraguljac

Video Assistants: David Lackey and Christian Rousseau

Lighting Design: Owen Smith

Prop/Set Design: Alicia Sparks

Production Team

Associate Production Manager: Brooke Griffin

Assistant Production Manager: Taegan Besancon

Stage Manager: Krissie Day

Lighting Designer: Owen Smith

Special Thanks

Special thanks to all dancers and crew who have been a part of this project from the beginning to now. The piece wouldn’t be possible without all of your hard work and dedication. 

Past dancers: Andrea Alvarez, Sarah Babick, Julianna Barraza, Chloe Bergeron, Karissa Blau, Emily Bowlin, Myah Brown, Grace Bulkeley, Kylie Callaway, Kelsey Clark, Ella Cox, Abigail Dang, Asma Maria El-Tayssoun, Madeleine Dardeau, Terra Fiedler, Olivia Gerwig, Moira Greff, Callysta Hall, Hannah Hanz, Mary Emily Holland, Jade Jarnigan, Anna Jones, Madelyn Klumb, Caroline Knowlton, Mindy Lee, Victoria Mauer, Brianna Mendoza, Eliza Milner, Mya Pepito, Annie Rabel, Adia Richardson, Betsi Cate Riddle, Brannon Russell, Danielle Schaer, Katie Traylor, Josie Watts, Kailyn Williams, Laural Williams

The Rise
The Rise
Dancer: Myah Brown
Music: Historic Audio Archives (edited by Adia Richardson)
The Home
At Home
Dancers: Sarah Babick, Emily Bowlin, Grace Bulkeley, and Myah Pepito
Stay Out of Sight
Stay Out of Sight
Dancers: Adia Richardson and Katie Traylor
Unseen Solitude
Dancer: Ella Cox
Dancers: Sarah Babick, Chloe Bergeron, Emily Bowlin, Myah Brown, Grace Bulkeley, Kylie Callaway, Ella Cox, Madeleine Dardeau, Hannah Hanz, Mary Emily Holland, Anna Jones, Madelyn Klumb, Mya Pepito, Adia Richardson, Danielle Schraer and Katie Traylor
*Filmed January 2020
Dancers:  Sarah Babick, Emily Bowlin, Grace Bulkeley, Ella Cox, Brianna Mendoza, Mya Pepito, Adia Richardson, Betsi Cate Riddle, and Katie Traylor
Dancers: Sarah Babick, Julianna Barraza, Grace Bulkeley, Caroline Knowlton, Brianna Mendoza, Eliza Milner, Mya Pepito, and Kailyn Williams
When all is lost
When All is Lost
Dancer: Julianna Barraza
Dancers: Julianna Barraza, Emily Bowlin, Ella Cox, Caroline Knowlton, Victoria Mauer, Eliza Milner, Adia Richardson, Katie Traylor, and Kailyn Williams