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Performance Opportunities

But Where There’s Hope, There’s Life is able to be presented in multiple formats, including live performance, film presentation, and a combination of the two. Hope Life creators, Carisa Armstrong and Christine Bergeron, are continuing to seek performance opportunities for this project. The message Hope Life sends will continue to be prevalent. If you’re interested in bringing this work to your school or city, please contact Carisa Armstrong (carisa-armstrong@tamu.edu) and Christine Bergeron (cbergeron@tamu.edu).

Past Performances

The Traveling Performance – November 2-5, 2020 & December 6-9, 2020

The traveling performances in the fall of 2020, was the first time the entire Hope Life work was presented to an audience. Audience members traveled with a “tour guide” to various locations in Downtown Bryan, TX.  The tour guide lead audience members from the beginnings of the Holocaust (1933) through liberation (1945). Performance Studies students created a pre-recorded soundscape for the audience during their transitional journey. This soundscape provides the audience with historical background information supported by materials and experiences to help set the tone for the next leg of their journey. Audience members were asked to participate in guided activities as they travel through the work. This type of nomad style theatre experience enhanced the feeling of not being fully in control of the situation and added to the sense of homelessness felt by many victims of the Holocaust. Concluding this experience, audience members were brought through a question and answer session in order for them to not only decompress from the experience but to interact with the creators and performers of the work.

Locations used during the traveling performance included The Grand Stafford Theater, Brazos Cotton Exchange, The Palace Theater, The Frame Gallery, and The Village Downtown.

The Stage Performance – March 13, 2021

The proscenium stage version of the project was created in order to reach a larger audience. This performance took place on the Texas A&M University Campus in Rudder Auditorium. The full nine-section work was presented through live dance. Audience members were able to experience this performance either in person or through a live stream. 

Other Performances

Sections of the work and the complete work have been presented at the following conferences and festivals:

  • 2023 Asheville Fringe Festival, Asheville, NC: But Where There’s Hope, There’s Life full traveling performance
  • 2022 American College Dance Association South-Central Conference: Transport (Gala selection)
  • 2021 National Dance Society Film Festival: Transport
  • 2020 Texas State’s Opening Door Dance Theatre Concert: Todësmarche
  • 2019 American College Dance Association South-Central Conference: Todësmarche (Gala selection)