What is Viz-a-GoGo?

Viz-a-GoGo is an annual art exhibition of student work that showcases work from the previous year. Submitted works will be judged by industry professionals for a Vizzie award. Learn more about Viz-a-GoGo on our about page.

What time frame of work is eligible?

Any work from summer 2021, fall 2021 and spring 2022 can be submitted.

Can works in progress be submitted?

Yes! Please send in any work you have at the moment. During the curation period from April 9th through April 16th, you can send progress updates to vizagogotamu@gmail.com for a better chance of being selected in the show.

When do I need to finish my work?

If you are accepted into the show you will get an email on April 20th.  You will need to get your final submission in by April 27th for judging (those in any vertical studios, make sure you send the most updated version, we know they won’t be completely finished). Judges will only see the most updated work.

Is there a limit on how much work you can submit?

No! Submit as much work as you want, the only thing we ask is to not submit the same project to multiple categories.

Can fan art be submitted?

You are allowed to submit fan art as long as it’s 100% your original work. We will flag the submission and send you an email if we think it includes property from the materials you’re referencing (i.e. traceovers, logos, copies).