About Viz-a-GoGo

What is Viz-a-GoGo?

Taking place at the end of the spring semester, Viz-a-GoGo is an annual event held by Texas A&M University’s Department of Visualization. In the past the event was held at Viz North in downtown Bryan. It engaged the Bryan/College Station community and invited them to experience a showcase of student work from the past year, including a gallery exhibition of physical works and a theater screening of time-based works. This year, the showcase will take place at our beautiful Texas A&M University College Station campus where we can invite all Aggies to attend.

Work displayed at the exhibition includes flatwork (both traditional and digital drawing and painting), photography, sculpture, interactive projects such as virtual reality experiences and video games, installation work, and other new media.

The screening shows off the latest animations created in the Viz Lab, as well as student short films, visual effects projects, class reels, and other time-based media.

How does Viz-a-GoGo even happen?

Planning begins near the start of the spring semester. Student workers at the HIVE and volunteers work with the department to plan and execute the event. Students join committees pertaining to necessary tasks, and meet once a week, called “Taco-GoGo” if food can be provided, to report updates and make decisions. 

A handful of students serve as chairs, bearing more responsibilities. Communication takes place over email and Discord.

Volunteers also help to set up and take down the exhibition, staffing the exhibition space during the show, and handling merchandise transactions.

Volunteer at Viz-a-GoGo

The Research Symposium

This is a fast-forward-style event in which undergrad and grad students have 5–7 minutes to present their research or body of work along with their slides.

This year’s symposium will have two Vizzies: Best in Graduate Research and Best in Undergraduate Research. 

Learn More about the Research Symposium

The Screening

The Viz-a-GoGo Screening is a video reel of the best undergraduate and graduate time-based works from the past year.

A couple of presentations take place before the screening starts. The screening begins roughly at sundown. Interwoven into the screening are interstitials, which are usually shorts that tell a story. 

The After Party

The Viz-a-GoGo After Party takes place directly after the screening. The party wraps up the school year and serves as a celebration of #VizCulture. This event is not public, and exists for visualization students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Because there is a fire code occupancy limit to the venue, entrance to the party is restricted to those wearing the Viz-a-GoGo after party wristband. These will be distributed in the preceding weeks by the Viz-a-GoGo volunteer staff.

The Vizzies

The Vizzies are the annual awards presented to the best works on display at Viz-a-GoGo across several categories. Currently the categories are as follows:

  • Best in Traditional Flatwork
  • Best in Digital Flatwork
  • Best in Photography
  • Best in Sculpture/Installation
  • Best in Interactive
  • Best in Graphic Design
  • Best in Gaming
  • Best in Undergraduate Research
  • Best in Graduate Research
  • Best in Time-Based Media
  • Best in CG Rendering
  • Best in Show