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Minor in Art

In an effort to maintain manageable class sizes, the Department of Visualization is temporarily suspending new enrollment into the minor in art. This suspension on new enrollment will be in effect until total enrollment is reduced through graduation. At this time we estimate that the restriction will be lifted following the spring 2022 semester. Future enrollment will include a fixed cap and semi-annual sign-up periods that correspond with the change of major deadlines set by the university.

The art minor allows you to explore your creative side though traditional or new media. In this program, you will develop your skills through practice of the visual arts in your chosen format. The 18-credit-hour minor provides a broad orientation to the visual arts offered by the Department of Visualization to non-visualization majors. Choose an emphasis in traditional media, new media, or visual culture. 


Traditional Media Emphasis

ARTS 104Intro to Graphic Design1

Choose five courses from the following list:

ARTS 103Design I3
ARTS 149Art History Survey I3
ARTS 150Art History Survey II3
ARTS 210Introduction to Digital Photography3
ARTS 303Graphic Design I3
ARTS 304Graphic Design II3
ARTS 312Advanced Photography3
ARTS 330The Arts of America3
ARTS 340History of Photographic Image3
ARTS 342History of Graphic Design3
ARTS 343History of Illustration3
ARTS 349The History of Modern Art3
ARTS 403Graphic Design III3
ARTS 489Special Topics in…3
VIST 339Research Techniques in Visualization3
VIST 474Designing for the Web3


Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2 and must maintain at least a “C” average in all courses completed as part of this minor. The student’s home college/department may grant, with agreement from the Department of Visualization, transfer credit of no more than six credit hours. Transfer credit will not be accepted for any 300- or 400-level course.


Students wishing to declare a minor in art should consult with advisors in their home college and in the Department of Visualization. Applicants must have a 3.2 or better overall GPR and have completed less than 70 hours to be considered for the program.

Request a Minor in Art (PDF)