Earn both a Bachelor of Arts in Performance Studies and a Master of Arts in Performance Studies in five years in this joining degree program.

Students interested in this program will apply during the spring of their junior year and, if admitted, begin taking masters-level courses in the fall of their senior year with an undergraduate classification.

For more information about program requirements for this program, consult the Texas A&M Undergraduate Catalog.

Applying to the Five Year Program

At the end of your sophomore year, you should make appointments with the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) to discuss your intention to apply for the program and determine what requirements you need to fulfill before your junior year. The actual application to the program will be submitted in the spring of your junior year.

After you have met the requirements and have consulted the DGS, you need to submit the following materials to the DGS via email as part of your application:

  • A statement of purpose, no longer than two pages, double-spaced, indicating your goals for the next two years, your ideas about what you want to study, and your reasons for pursuing the joint B.A./M.A. degree.
  • A writing sample of 10–12 pages. This should be a paper you wrote for a Performance Studies class. It should be a critical analysis using research methods, and it should be very carefully edited and proofread.
  • Letters of recommendation from two faculty members in Performance Studies, preferably Graduate faculty members. Graduate faculty regularly teach graduate courses and so are in the best position to assess your readiness to succeed in our graduate classes. If you need help determining who these faculty are, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies. The letters should be sent directly to the Director of Graduate Studies.